Concrete Beeswax Candle

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beeswax · 55 hours burn time · reusable concrete vessel

At Goldilocks, we've been making our signature beeswax wraps since 2016. Since day one, customers have told us not only how much they love our products, but also how much they love the unique scent.

Over the years we have learned that the same ingredients that help keep food fresh in our wraps also have amazing aromatic, cleansing and uplifting properties when burned as a candle.

· Beeswax provides a naturally warm, light honey scent while simultaneously cleansing the air by producing negative ions.

· Damar Rosin is the perfect compliment with its mildly sweet fragrance. Known as the "bringer of light" - due to its refractive properties and historical use in torches - it is thought to cleanse the spirit and instil joy.

· Jojoba Oil is used to soften the wax and help prevent tunnelling.

You may notice our candle produce a little more soot than a typical beeswax candle. This is the result of the damar resin which has been used for centuries in incense.

These beautiful vessels are handcrafted by our neighbours, Victoria Concrete Surfaces, and are designed to be repurposed as part of your lasting home decor.* Perfect for planting succulents or refilling with votives.

This white is a classic, timeless colour for your home. A cool white that sometimes sways towards the lightest of greys. 

*Please note that concrete vessels are NOT sealed (as most sealants contain plastic). Not suitable for drinking or tableware. Vessel colours will vary due to their handmade nature.

Candle 10 oz.
Vessel 4" high x 3.25" wide